Thursday, 12 April 2012


The poem is about a long stream. The poet starts the poem by describing the journey of the stream, it starts from a place that is frequently visited by coot (a water bird with a white spot on the head) and hern(hern;another type of water bird) and make a sudden emerge. They flows out among the bushes and flow down a Valley with lot of noise. It crosses thirty hills , slip down the ridges, twenty villages, fifty bridges. The poet also do a comparison between stream and human that man take birth and die but i live forever. The poem is mainly about the journey of stream and how at Philip’s farm it join the river. The poet also has created a beautiful picture of nature like blossom sailing on stream , the falling sun lights forming a sparkle net on stream ,the mixture of sand and stones forming a silvery water break, of a type of flower that grow for happy lovers.
The poem will refresh the streams of brains and invite you to  enjoy the nice cool winds flowing near the stream
In the poem brook the poet compares the life the brook with that of the man.He says that the BROOK when comes from haunted places is fresh and lively.It is compared to a man at his young age.he behaves as so he is energetic and fresh.The BROOK slows down when it reaches the plains which in compared with a man who has the burden of his family,his job and surroundings.But the poet concludes that the brook is immortal because because it joins the mighty ocean and becomes a part of it but man is born and dies and is mortal. He compares different stages of brook with that of the man

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